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Franciscan Well Bar

The home of craft beer in Cork City, the Franciscan Well Bar & Brewery is based on the site of a medieval monastery, which was home to the ' holy well' from which our name derives. Our pub boasts an award winning beergarden, our on-site brewery, wood fired pizzeria and our craft cocktail bar, Monk. We stock a wide range of premium beers, spirits, wines and cocktails using local breweries & distilleries, as well as top quality national and international suppliers.

Our unique atmosphere is derived from a mix of the bar's historical setting, the enthusiasm and creative nature of the Brewers, and the diverse crowd - made up of devoted patrons and craft beer lovers mingling with tourists, students and local professionals from Cork’s many international companies.



Franciscan Well Brewery


Franciscan Well Brewery has combined modern technology with age old tradition, brewing classic beer styles including lager, ale, stout, and wheat beer, putting innovation at the forefront of the brewing process.


Our core range includes the well-known Chieftain IPA along with Rebel Red, Archway Lager Friar Weisse, and Shandon Stout. All of the beers brewed at the Franciscan Well use the finest natural ingredients and are additive-free and vegan friendly.

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We can accommodate groups of most sizes for staff, class, Christmas or birthday parties. For details drop us a line at or fill out the form and we'll get back to you with availability asap.